Brief History

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The Mariano Marcos State University College of Teacher Education has the most colorful and MOST distinct among all the units of the university.

One of the first three sites of teacher-training education institution in the entire country, the Laoag Normal School was created in 1917 by a virtue of a law sponsored by the late Representative Vicente Llanes, offering a four-year secondary normal school curriculum, it trained elementary school teachers until 1936 when it was temporarily closed because of the oversupply of teachers.

On January 29, 1938, upon the request of the Provincial Board of Ilocos Norte composed of Gov. Roque B. Ablan, Sr., Hon. Damaso T. Samonte and Hon. Florendo Pablo through resolution No. 96, the Ilocos Norte Normal School was founded in June 1939 which offered the two-year collegiate curriculum for prospective elementary grades teachers.

Due to the outbreak of World War II, the school was closed from 1941-1945 but it re-opened in June 1946.

In view of the growing need for courses other than those offered in the two-year curriculum, the Provincial Board again passed Resolution No. 90 on January 4, 1952 requesting the Secretary of Education to expand the Ilocos Norte Normal School to a four-year college. But the January 17, 1952 issue of the Manila Bulletin published that the Director of public Schools recommended the closing of the INNS on the ground that it has reached its saturation point already. However, upon request by the Provincial Board, the abolition or transfer of the school was not correct; hence it continued to offer the two-year general normal curriculum.

Effective school year 1952-1953, the INNS became a four-year elementary teacher curriculum. Two years after, the degree Bachelor of Education (major in Elementary Education) was conferred for the first time. It had since offered collegiate courses and expanded its service area which included Abra, Batanes, Cagayan, Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, and Isabela.

The Ilocos Norte Normal School was converted into the Northern Luzon Teachers College on June 22, 1963 by virtue of Republic Act No. 3705. It then began to offer course leading to the degree Bachelor in Elementary Education.

On June 14, 1976, President Ferdinand E. Marcos, through PD No. 944 converted the NLTC to Northern Luzon State College.

The College became the College of Education of the Mariano Marcos State University which was created by virtue of PD 1279 signed by no less that President Ferdinand E. Marcos on January 6, 1978.


The Mariano Marcos State University College of Teacher Education is committed to provide quality teacher education through relevant instruction, research, extension and production for sustainable development and global competitiveness.


We envision the College to be the lead teacher education institution in Region I which shall produce teachers for national development.

Goaled and Objectives

  1. Provide quality professional preparation for teachers in the elementary and secondary levels.
  2. Offer adequate instruction in three levels: elementary, secondary and collegiate.
  3. Undertake research on relevant areas to improve the quality of education in particular and the quality of life in general.
  4. Assist in the continuing education of teachers through the Regional Science Teaching Center and Graduate Education Program.
  5. Provide extension service to the community by offering non-formal education.

 BSED Program Objectives

  1. Produce competent teachers in the secondary level equipped with relevant pedagogical skills and content.
  2. Provide prospective teachers opportunities to conduct and disseminate educational researches.
  3. Inculcate in the students positive attitude and desirable values to become role models in the community.
  4. Undertake relevant extension services through the conduct of continuing and non-formal education programs.
  5. Spearhead curriculum changes to meet the needs of a dynamic society.
  6. Produce graduates capable of passing very satisfactory rating in the Licensure Examination for Teachers.

 BEED Program Objectives

  1. Equip teachers with mastery of content and pedagogical skills to enable then to pass very satisfactory the Licensure Entrance Examination for Teachers (LET).
  2. Develop desired qualities of an effective teacher who is gender sensitive and environment conscious.
  3. Undertake research activities to improve quality of instruction.
  4. Disseminate research result to teachers and other concerned individuals and institutions.
  5. Produce relevant and innovative instructional materials for effective teaching.
  6. Conduct continuing non-formal education and other relevant extension activities for the improvement of life in the community.

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