Jan 1, 1970

TWELVE out of 14 examinees from MMSU passed the Civil Engineer Licensure Examination held May 5-6.

The university registered an institutional passing percentage of 85.71 percent, over twice as high the national average of 42.82 percent (1,542 out of 3,601).

The new civil engineers are: Ariel T. Agngarayngay, Ryan R. Baetiong, Gerald R. Batuyong, Jester Rhey G. Calacal, Armando M. Cardona Jr., Dielene Fajutagana-De Guzman, Richard Neil A. Domingo, Maria Kay S. Eco, Czarina Blue Y. Gallardo, Hector T. Ladera Jr., Larence Keir T. Mariano, and Lerny Ley L. Soriano

All 12 passers are retakers who come from different batches. Most members of Batch 2013 will take the exam in November this year.